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Becoming ‘Khaleesi’ - Stage Three

Making the base dress 

By ‘Base dress’ I really mean the dress without all the fancy embellishments and dragonscale on it. 

According to the costume designer, they used ‘paper silk’ for this dress. I looked into paper silk and couldn’t find much, and what I could find didn’t look right at all. I hunted around and got samples of lots of different fabrics, and in the end I went with a handwoven silk dupion in sapphire blue. The colour isn’t completely spot on (the references for this dress differ GREATLY), but I decided the really bright, vivid blue would work well for Dany’s Mhysa dress. It also has a nice shine to it (without being overly shiny which I was worried about) and falls nicely.

So I took the pattern apart I created in the last part and pinned it to the fabric. It took up quite a bit more than I had imagined (hoping I have enough for the dragonscale left!) 


So I put it all together, tried it on and off and kept taking it in until it fit me well. I also fitted a zip because I just couldn’t work out how the dress could go on and off without some sort of fastening! 

Originally I wanted to fully line this dress but it quickly became obvious that I didn’t have enough fabric for that, and as it was so pricey I decided instead to be extra neat with the insides. Hence the (nearly) french seams! My costumes are usually a mess of threads so it made a nice change…I should do this more often. xD


And here is the finished dress on the dressform! I ended up not needing the sleeve pieces so that’s been kept for dragonscale later. O_~ This hasn’t been pressed or ironed yet, I’ve decided to wait until I get all the dragonscale on to do that as it may fall differently, so excuse the wrinkles!


With my sizes on it the dress wouldn’t actually fit on the dressform…I must be super flexible or something :P Anyway it fits far better on me because of that…(Excuse the owl slippers!)


Tadaaaaa! Now that’s done we have reached the fiddley-fiddley parts and the splendour that is dragonscale…I’ve already started on it, and suspect it will take some time. But keep an eye out for updates!

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