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Becoming ‘Khaleesi’ - Stage Eight

Accessories and Wig

I am pretty awful at making props. I’ve picked up a few skills along the way but i’d rather sew a complicated dress than make a simple prop. :P Dany has a few pieces of jewellery - a ring, bracelet and necklace. For the ring I just bought a similar looking one from Primark (Not exactly fit for a Khaleesi :P) For the bracelet and necklace I bought base jewellery and built upon them. 

Luckily for me Dany’s jewellery is quite ‘tribal’ and not all smooth and polished and lovely. I used some thin wire bent to the desired shape and secured to the jewellery, then used hot glue to built ‘onto’ it. When this was dried I sanded it down so it was vaguely smooth. 

Then I used a combination of rub and buff and ordinary black acrylic paint to paint them. Once the paint was dried I used PVA glue to seal it. 

My beautiful creations. xD Ironically after finishing these I found a clear reference on the bracelet which…differs from my finished design. But it’ll serve its purpose for now, but it’s something to improve in the future. 

Now for the wig. I used a Matilda wig in Titanium blonde from Arda wigs. There are lots of good Dany wigs out there, but I went for this one as I wanted a lacefront that would be thick and wavy (as in this outfit her hair has less of the sort of ‘crimped’ look.) 

The wig is pretty simple style wise - just two dutch braids that meet together into a sort of mini ponytail. It took me a few goes to get the technique down, but if you can do a french braid it’s basically the same, except you go under the middle piece instead. 

I also created a little hair ornament out of craft foam and acrylic paint - nice and lightweight!


And side

Then I tried it on for size and got my Khaleesi on! (I’m still working on the makeup, I have quite large eyebrows so have the opposite problem of most Dany cosplayers xD)

So that’s basically all of the steps in this cosplay! WOOO WE’RE DONE! :D All that’s left now is to put it all together! (Hopefully I get a chance to do this BEFORE THE CON this time…xD)

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